Aphamea Brochure
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Afamea Pharmaceutical Industries received the GMP certificate issued by the Ministry of Health in 2009
 Afamea Pharmaceutical Industries received the ISO-14001/18001/9001 / 26000 certificate from EuroTECH in 2015
Laboratories Quality Control and Quality Assurance

 Physical laboratories
Monitoring tests are carried out during manufacturing
Chemical laboratories
Chemical tests (definition, calibration, homogeneity of active ingredient distribution in dosage units, impurities) are performed
 Microbiological laboratories
 Microbiological tests (Sterilization, bacterial and fungal assays and Vitality ) are performed
Research and development laboratory
 In which the formulation studies, verification of the validity of the method of manufacturing
Validation of the method of analysis, stability studies conducted on the final product
Check the validity of cleaning operations
Organizational Affairs /Local and External Registration

Technical Units
 Water treatment unit: For/purified water/distilled water
Power generators operates on diesel
Air treatment unit, ventilation systems /via humidity control/ HEPA filter
Pressure control systems /especially in sterile areas

Quality Systems and Quality Management
   Raw materials (API , Excipient , etc.) are imported from highly efficient international sources
 Ensure continuous maintenance of all our machines /daily monitoring
All quality control laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are strictly compliant with GLPs
 All raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are stored in separate storage warehouses, controlled in terms of temperature and humidity
 Accurate and careful documentation is maintained at all stages of production, until the final product reaches the market, in order to minimize the chance of error