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Vaginal Douche
Acetic Acid
Douhes & Disinfectants & sterilizers
Acetic Acid 1.25g
Helps to:
*inhibiting pathogens in bacterial vaginosis factors (B streptococci)
*Femme Douche practically does not effect of the lactic bacilli that quickly return to normal levels during a period not exceeding 120 minutes ,which means that possibility to benefit from its ability antimicrobial without adverse effects
*Studies have shown that 90.5% of women with vaginal ulcers do not use vaginal douches personal hygiene, which explains the importance Femme Douche in the prevention of ulcers
*Can The Femme Douche to wash the semen, which restores to normal vaginal Ph value thus helping in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
* Using Femme before and after IUD prevents bacterial infection of the vagina during the four weeks or six subsequent
Bacterial vaginosis : twice weekly
cervical erosions befor cauterization: once daily for 5 days
cervical erosions after cauterization : once daily for 5 days
small cervical erosions without cauterization: once daily for 5 days
this product must be used after physician prescription
Dont swallow
for external use only
keep in a cold and dry place below 25° C protect from sun light
keep out of the reach of the childern